A powerful, yet simple and intuitive digital photography platform.

About Mypix

Mypix is a platform that needed to be intuitive, yet functionally simplistic, along with an aesthetic design, to provide with the digital tools they needed, to showcase their work in the best format.


Mypix INC


Complete photography solution


Powerful, yet simple and intuitive


The goal with Mypix, was to create a powerful platform which had everything a photographer needed, to showcase a portfolio, manage client proofing system, e-commerce,  marketing tools, Analytics. All in one place, all whilst remaining simple and easy to use.

  • On Page Editing
  • Drag + Drop
  • No Code
  • Real Time Changes


Photography specific, we have combined the best tools and features all in one spot. Perfect App/Platform sync, Mypix is Simple, minimal & Intuitive and easily customizable. Quickly launch quality websites and have all the digital tools you need.

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Mypix is fast, efficient, powerful, and easy to use. It is modern and streamlined, providing all the relevant digital tools that a photographer needs.  Mypix is not only a platform its an experience,

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Typeface & Color Palette


The Minimal Perfect Font


Color schemes are used

Open Sans


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