What You Need On A Website

When it comes to creating or re-designing a website from scratch, it can be easy to get caught up in the predominant details, information, and planning of successful web-design. So, within this article we are going to talk you through what you need on a website:

What You Need On A Website

What You Need On A Website

When it comes to creating or re-designing a website from scratch, it can be easy to get caught up in the predominant details, information and planning of successful web-design. As fundamental as the bigger details are, it is important to ensure that the smaller attributes should still make it onto the published version of your site. So, within this article we are going to talk you through what you need on a website:

What You Need On A Website

N0.1: Making A Statement -

It may seem obvious, but creating a statement which explains what a website is about is a fundamental attribute to web-design. Oddly enough though, it is often overlooked. Website visitors bounce from site to site when surfing the web, which is why it is important to clearly state who you (or your company) are and what you can offer the visitor and the best place to insert a statement is of course on the homepage. A nice little way to create a statement would be to start off with a catchy title and follow through with informative text. For example, if you visit our homepage using the link in the section above, you will see the words “Flawless Digital Experience” and then a text which goes on to say:

“We pay attention to every small detail, to create the ultimate user experience and a seamless connection between you and the client.”

So, straight away our website visitors will discover that we are a digital web design agency. Then as users scroll down, they will clearly be able to view the crux of the services which we offer. So, there you go! Making a statement shouldn’t be the companies life story. Save that for the ‘About Us’ section of your site. Just remember that the rule of making a statement should apply to all online business, even if the business at hand is well known. If you wish to have a conclusive web-design, our advice would to be sure that you have created and uploaded a personal (or company) branding statement to keep your site’s viewers in the know so, they that they can better understand who you are and the services that are offered to improve your website’s UX (User Expereince).

What You Need On A Website

N0.2: Headlines -

Just like an informative newspaper, a cleverly formatted website should include the right headlines to guide visitors through your site’s content. This is absolutely vital. Well structures and placed headlines will make all the difference between engaging with the visitor or losing them half way through a scroll. Usually, a clever headline will catch the eye of a viewer and will draw them in to read the text below. It would seem as though some of the best headlines are on news-related websites. So, if you’re looking to improve on your headline skills, why not take a mooch online and see how the media do it. Then, translate these learned skills over to your own website, but be conscious not to come across like a news tabloid yourself if that’s not what your website is supposed to be. Just take away the lesson of the language used and how they create their titles. Then use this to your advantage.

Take the title of this blog post as an example, it’s catchy, it’s informative and very specific. From reading the title above, you will already know straight away before clicking on this post that there will be 5 pieces of information in this article that will help you to improve your site. You will also know that they are extremely important and must not be missed. So, basically anyone wishing to learn valuable information will want to implement these characteristics or do a quick check to make sure they have everything they need to get started. That is the power of a strategic title.

What You Need On A Website

N0.3: ‘About Us’ Web-Page -

Next up on our list of the 5 most important things for a website to include, would be to have an ‘About Us’ web-page on your site. Why? Well, this type of web-page will really help a website visitor see who you (or your company are). Learning background information can work in a website’s favor as trust is what turns a browser into a buying customer/ client. Some company websites don’t like to talking about themselves or share too much information about their origin or success story on a personable level, but a lot of website visitors will love to see that authentic approach to running a business online. We believe that being real with your website’s users, alongside being honest and open will help your business’ prospects gain a comfort level of who they are considering doing business with. So, if your site doesn’t yet have an “About Us” page, we would suggest creating one ASAP. Just remember to be transparent and don’t be afraid to open up with your website visitors. For inspiration on how you can create such a statement, you can visit the ‘About Us’ web-page on this site.

What You Need On A Website

N0.4: Call To Action -

Number four on our list of the 5 most important things for a website to include, would be the implementation of a call to action. A website without a call to action is rather pointless. Let us put it this way, you could follow all of the steps here within this article to the best of your ability, but without a call to action, your website viewers won’t become anything more than viewers and we’re guessing that you’ll want more sales for your business website. If you want your viewers to click a link, provide a link and tell them to check it out. If you want email subscribers for your newsletter then tell your viewers to sign up with their email address. If you are showing products, put the add-to-cart buttons beside the product or a button for them to easily leave their details showing their interest in that product. If there’s something you need browsers to do then tell them! Successfully implanted CTAs are the one of the most predominant ways in which companies achieve their business. So, check out your competitor’s websites and see how they are following this little tip through.

What You Need On A Website

N0.5: Sufficient Content -  

Content is king, just remember that if you forget everything else. Why? Well because content is useful for search engines, inquiring visitors and for your website’s UX (user experience). Usually visitors take the time to browse a site because they are seeking out information about a specific company, product and/or service. So, once you’ve got the visitors, don’t fall short. Getting visitors is the hard part. Once you’ve got them, you’ll need to learn how to make your site resourceful so that they find your website content useful. That way, they may just come back for more and they may just tell others about your site. You know what they say? Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

Don’t get us wrong, you won’t have to be a novelist to show your website’s users that you are experts in your field. But a generous amount of content will help you to build up that credibility so that your website visitors will understand that you know what you’re talking about. So, that completes our guide to what we believe to be the 5 most important things for a website to include. If you’re actively seeking a web design company to aid you with your website creation/ re-design visions, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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