Web Page Design Ideas

Within today's article, we are going to discuss the importance of implementing the following web page design ideas and tips when discussing the creation of your new website. You will discover our most loved tools alongside free resources to use during the creation of your own website:

Web Page Design Ideas

Web Page Design Ideas

Within today's article, we are going to discuss the importance of implementing the following web page design ideas and tips when discussing the creation of your new website. You will discover our most loved tools alongside free resources to use during the creation of your own website:

Website Design Ideas And Tips

N0.1: Choosing The Right Platform -

Before you start anything, you have to think about your objectives, skill level, and the type of business or individual the website is intended for. There are different options out there to execute your web page design ideas such as; WordPressSquarespaceWixWebflowShopifyWeebly.

Web builders are very good these days and are a great option for beginners and experts, as you can start with a template, or fully customize with code injection. You have to think about simplicity, as things can get confusing quickly if you use a platform that you are not familiar with or is complicated. For example, using WordPress, and using custom plugins, there are many things to think about, one of the main things to be careful of is responsiveness, platforms like Squarespace have automatic responsiveness, in WordPress, this can be a lot more glitchy. Plugins need to be updated, WordPress needs to be updated, themes need to be installed. All this can cause issues if you are not familiar.

There are many design and development tools out there to choose from, that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Platforms such as Webflow, for example, will allow you to design at the same time as building a website, so you can execute your web page design ideas at the same time as your visions for the development. This is because Webflow is a design-focused platform, which is great for those that have a creative eye.

Webflow is an extremely powerful platform and the usual necessity to have coding knowledge is not required for Web flow, which suits a design-focused individual or someone who is more visual. This is great if you have no code experience, or do not want to go that route, with a few months of investment time, you can create a great website with Weblfow, which is in demand and they work very well and are know for excellent animations, and movement of elements and pages. The Rework website is built with Webflow which you can see here Rework.

Squarespace is another great choice where you can put your web page design ideas into practice, which I would highly recommend doing, due to its ease of use. The base templates are powerful, fonts and color schemes are already thought out and it also allows for custom code to be used. So, the platform is not limited in any way. There are many advantages of using Squarespace, depending on what your client's needs are and the skill level which you have reached. With Squarespace, you can manage most things such as an email list without making things complicated by using external plugins, platforms, and software. The beauty of Squarespace is that everything is built in all for you.

WordPress also has its advantages as a platform, but unlike Webflow, I would recommend avoiding WordPress as your web developer of choice to fulfill your web page design ideas unless your reason for using it is for the creation of a large website for a business or you are already very familiar with it. So ultimately, I would advise that you think carefully about your client's needs, your skill level, and the options out there. If it's a one-time thing, you won't want to make the process of website creation more difficult than it needs to be by using Adobe XD design software or custom WordPress development software for example. It will be much easier for you to go into Squarespace and get a great starting point, that has already been set up correctly for you.

It's important to remember that the word 'template' almost has a stigma to it, but a lot of the pre-made templates out there not only work better than some custom websites but are easier to use too. Once you have tweaked the layout, changed images, fonts, and colors, you have already created something unique from your own web page design ideas. In 2021, people are spending less and less time on websites, and more time on social media due to its interactivity and ease of use, so you should try to replicate this aesthetic experience on your website too. 

Separately, you should also consider the complexity of the project, and also how it will be managed. What would the protocol be if something breaks or goes wrong? Which in my experience, tends to happen quite frequently on WordPress. So, if you are looking to design and build websites as a hobby, maybe Squarespace would be a good place for you to start, but if you are design orientated, and are a one-man operation that wants to make money by building websites for people and companies, then Webflow would be a great investment for you to learn from.

Webflow offers a range of web page design ideas and courses and its community is filled with resources that are built for ease of use. If this is your first time building a website either for yourself, a friend, or a family member, the learning curve is higher using a platform such as Squarespace, but much easier than learning a combination of CSS, JavaScript, and professional design tools. Ultimately, if you are looking to start a web development and design agency, this can be easily achieved with Webflow. Additionally, you will need a team with the skills and expertise to execute a business such as this successfully or trusted resources on hand.

Website Design Ideas And Tips

N0.2: Color Theory -

Understanding color theory is a crucial part of executing good web page design ideas alongside development strategies. With a variety of learning resources at our fingertips, I have found that Youtube in particular is a great platform to rely on for expanding knowledge on any given area of web design and development. 

It is important to understand the theory of color, in terms of the way one color or a combination of colors are perceived. The color theory is based upon what we see and how we react to what we see in everyday life. A great way is to gain a basic understanding, and then see what others are doing, and try to understand why they are doing it and if it looks right to you. There are so many good ideas out there, you don't have to start from scratch. What I do, is I spend some time looking for inspiration, looking at other sites and brands, and take different things from different places. 

For example, red is regarded as an indicator of urgency, an attention grabber, or even a warning giver. Green gives the perception of safety, the 'okay' or 'go ahead' and positivity, black, grey, and white specifically are smart colors to use in web development. These colors ooze simplicity, clarity, modernness and where websites are concerned, trustworthy information is indicated. The color white and black also serves a purpose within web design, which is referred to as whitespace or negative space. These terms are used to refer to the areas in between the elements which can be seen on a web page. These elements are usually images or graphics, typography, and page icons.

Whitespace is often used to balance elements on a page by creating a natural flow for the user to navigate through the content. So, given the many functions of color, it makes sense to apply the color theory online, to prompt a viewer to execute a certain motion when visiting a web page. Aside from the psychology of color, planning a color palette that will work well together is easy to achieve within your own web page design ideas. There is no need to re-invent the wheel here, as one quick search in Google will provide many already tried and tested color schemes. Then it will be up to you to choose a color combination for your website. As you can see here.

Website Design Ideas And Tips

N0.3: Fonts -

Choosing the right font for my web page design ideas is very important, as the font contributes to the overall aesthetic and feel of a website. What type of website are you going to create? Which types of message are you trying to convey to site visitors? These are questions that you will need to ask before pursuing font options. I say font pairing option(s) because you are going to need either want one or two fonts for your website. Ideally, the font should look pretty unique for the headers of a web page, the subtext should be nice, clean, and readable.

My go-to fonts are; Open Sans, Source Sans, Nunito sans, Din, but there is a magnitude of options to choose from out there, so I would suggest taking the time to look through the font types and choose the option that best suits the project you are working on. There is a great little extension tool called 'What Font?'. When I'm working on a project, sometimes I take some time to research what website fonts I like the look of, then once I have compiled a list, I use this tool to see what font was used. If you're looking for a good place to start looking for font pairing ideas, I would suggest looking up some options on Google. Start small and think about what you are looking for. For example, 'modern font pairings for 2021' could be one search that you try. Squarespace has these font pairings all ready for you. 

Website Design Ideas And Tips

N0.4: Simplicity Is Key -

KISS is an acronym that I like to use often when it comes to working on a project, especially where web design and development are concerned. KISS stands for 'keep it simple silly'. This is just a little light-hearted reminder that I like to remind myself of when working on a project such as creating a new website from scratch.

In life, I've learned that it's easier to execute a plan and achieve goals when you keep things simple. Focusing on a bunch of different tasks at one time just jumbles the sight of the end goals. Practicing simplicity isn't a cop-out. It doesn't mean that you should cut corners or do whatever gets you to your end goal quickest. But it does mean that sometimes, a task doesn't need to be as tall an order as you initially thought. Often, a project works well with what it needs, and that's all it takes. On the topic of web development and design, I would suggest keeping things as simple as possible. Just focus on what the fundamentals are where your web page design ideas are concerned and build around them. Go with the flow and most importantly, do what feels right for the project.

Website Design Ideas And Tips

N0.5: Get Out There -

Once the development and design of your website are complete, it's time to press publish. However, with over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, with over 200 million of those websites classed as 'active', anyone's website can get easily lost on the world wide web. To ensure that all of your hard work and future efforts on the website are seen, you will have to think about who is going to see your website and how they are going to come across it on their search. This analysis will need to consider the objective(s), available budget, client needs, skill level, and so on.

For example, if you are creating a website that will contain a blogging or journal section, you should ask yourself if this is going to be a project which is worth your financial investment long-term. If the answer is yes, then a simple way to get the word out there about your new website would be to start sharing blog content on social media. You could also share the content that you create with members of your family or close friends.

To get an email list going, I would advise that you begin to accumulate a list of your closest contacts and then you can direct each person on the list towards new product uploads or blog posts. If you're looking to incorporate blogs within your website, which I would highly recommend, start by carrying out some SEO and keyword research for your blog's content. In my experience, I have found research tools such as MOZ and Google Keyword Planner to be most effective. Platforms such as this will generate a magnitude of keywords that are commonly entered on an internet search that is related to your chosen phrase/ topic entered.

You'll want to select long-tail keywords, as these keywords are less competitive for you to rank within the first few pages of online search. For example, the keyword 'Jeans' has 70-100k searches a month and is also a generic word. However, if you were to select a long-tail keyword such as 'best men's blue jeans' the data shows that this keyword has between 11-50 searches a month. Therefore, it is much less competitive, giving you a much higher chance of eventually getting on the first page of Google.

Selecting the right keyword(s) for use on your website and its content will enable the site to rank well on an internet search when web users type in the same keyword(s) which you have chosen to use. However, to boost your chances of getting a website seen online using real-world data, I would suggest popping relevant keywords within the web-pages of your site, alongside the; H2 tags, titles, meta descriptions, and the URLs of blog posts. You basically use the long tail keyword in all of those places and throughout your article. 

However, if you're new to this and you'd rather leave the SEO and content creation to a highly experienced professional, you will always have the option to hire a professional marketing team to assist you with whatever you need. Some agencies will offer a magnitude of services to assist you with your website, but other agencies will have a more specialized approach that focuses solely on one area such as Facebook Ad and Google Adword agencies, alongside SEO specialists. When considering these variables, there will be more than one route for you to take. So, it's important to weigh everything up and choose the right path for your project.

Summary -

Like anything in life, you will have to ask the right questions before you begin working on a new project. I would recommend keeping things simple where you can and that's something I have learned over the years. In many cases, less is more, as this gives you a chance to provide only the necessary information which stands out in a crowd of projects which are overstuffed with unnecessary information. 

So long as you know what your goals are, you can begin to whittle down on the objectives which will help you to achieve your main stepping stones of achievement. Just plan everything, have a daily task list, and work your way through it efficiently for a clear and concise schedule to get things done. If you do this, you'll stay super organized and will know exactly what's required before you can reach the next step to success.

Useful Links -


Website: www.awwwards.com

Awwward is a great tool to use for color, fonts, and creative ideas to implement on a website. 

Active Collab

Website: www.activecollab.com

Active Collab is a great organizational tool to categorize and prioritize projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. This can be used if you are an individual or are working as part of a team.


Website: www.unsplash.com

This website is a go-to tool for high-quality free stock images for use on your website and its content, including blog and social media posts.


Download Link: Google Chrome Extension

WhatFont is a great app to find out what font style a competitor is using on their website. If you like their design, WhatFont will enable you to discover and use the very same font on your own website.


Website: www.squarespace.com

Squarespace is a fantastic web builder that I have personally used for a number of websites. Its smooth and flawless finish makes for friendly UX and its quick loading times, alongside its mobile-friendly appearance make Squarespace a top web building service.


Website: www.canva.com

Canva is a platform that is amazing for designing any type of graphic that you may need. There are endless templates to choose from to give you a head start, or if you'd like to start fresh with custom designs and sizes, Canva will allow you to do this too!

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