Instagram And Facebook Ads

Our guess is that you have a set budget for online marketing, but you’re wondering where you should invest your business’ capital. Both Instagram and Facebook ads offer benefits for online advertising, but choosing between the two platforms can be a tough decision to make:

Instagram And Facebook Ads

Instagram And Facebook Ads

Our guess is that you have a set budget for online marketing, but you’re wondering where you should invest your business’ capital. Both Instagram and Facebook ads offer benefits for online advertising, but choosing between the two platforms can be a tough decision to make.

As Facebook owns the likes of Instagram, it could be through that running ads on Facebook and Instagram are much the same, however the specifics of interactions and demographics are different. In Layman’s terms, the same ad that runs on both platforms will not produce the same outcomes. However, it is fair to say that there are different advantages to running an ad on either of these platforms. So, which platform is better for your business?

In order to figure out which platform is best for your business, you will need to research and analyze your ideal target audience, plan content and set future goals for your marketing campaign. Breaking down the components of an ad will help you decide the best one for your business. If you’re an individual or team who want the business to enter a world of advertising easily, then running ads through Instagram is likely to be for you.

Instagram can be a very powerful tool when put to good use, but you don’t need to understand the ins and outs of Instagram ads to run a campaign. It’s true that Facebook ads require much more muster, skill and knowledge. In fact, it is advised that if you don’t know much about Facebook ads or online ads in general, it is best to hire a Facebook ads service to take care of your company's marketing campaign for you.

However, with the right formula Facebook ads can be very successful and bring in a steady flow of customers for a business, so perhaps hiring the extra help could be worth it in the long run? Let's dive into these topics a little deeper so that you can decide how to allocate your budget for your business’ Instagram and Facebook ads:

Instagram And Facebook Ads Management

It is possible to manage both Instagram and Facebook ads through the Facebook Ads Manager. This single ad resource location makes selecting multiple audiences and placements easy for marketers. Campaigns are managed easily and outcomes can be downloaded at any time.

The campaign manager has many options on Facebook for goals, ad sets and ads. You will have a number of combinations to test out and plenty of ways to preview all the advertisements available.

The advertising manager went for the easy-is-best path on Instagram. You can have your ad set up with an existing post or story with just a few taps. Instagram is the best advertising management platform for you if you do not want the nitty-gritty data and you just want the big picture with an easy interface.

Along similar lines, test the waters with Instagram first if you are new to advertising for both platforms and you have existing audiences on each one. You'll be more prepared to get the most out of the options on Facebook once you have a grasp of how it works, if you are indeed planning to run your business’ Instagram and Facebook ads yourself.

Instagram And Facebook Ads: Demographics & Audiences

The existing demographics and audiences are a major consideration when choosing which network is better for you. What would be the difference? Sometimes used interchangeably, the demographic of a network is generally over billions of accounts in reference to its overall user base. The audience, however, is the followers of your own account that you have the capacity to reach.

You will need to take a look at demographics if you want to generate new followers or fans, because you need to make sure that the people in your desired target audience are already active on that network. The demographics of Facebook cover the widest area of any network out there, and this has not changed significantly year after year.

If you're looking for advertising engagement or interactions, then you're going to have to look at your audience. In the Insights tab, Facebook's audience data is located while the audience of Instagram is in the Insights app. The targeting of the audience for Facebook is more comprehensive than that for Instagram. As you can see, Instagram is perfect for those who are new to advertising, as its process is much easier to comprehend and execute. In order to generate good engagement, you will need to have current followers or fans who will engage with your ad to have a successful outcome.

Instagram And Facebook Ads: Content

Take a look at your current content or your budget for content. What kind of material do you have? Will you have the opportunity to make additional investments? Are there videos or images taken specifically for advertising purposes, or do you mostly have posts that you want to improve the visibility of? Instagram and Facebook vary greatly in terms of the types of content and the outcome based upon interaction. On Facebook, you will have an option o to advertise with several types of ads:

Carousel Post: This type of post consists of two or more scrollable images and videos.

Single Media: This upload will consist of a single image, video or slideshow of images.

Existing Posts: Lastly, an existing post includes links that you might have shared.

Theoretically speaking, you will have the same options as above for Instagram ad formats, but you will not be able to make any in-caption links clickable. Instead, to add a connection, you'll need to use the call-to-action buttons provided. Think about your objectives when analyzing your content, too. If the content doesn't meet your target, no matter how good the copy is, your ad will not go anywhere. Facebook activity leans towards engaging with friends and family, sharing interesting links and insightful messages.

On the web, more robust and shareable content such as blog posts, news articles or case studies will attract attention.The behavior on Instagram is much more visually focused. First, before any other form of content, you will have to think of producing convincing images or videos. Instagram would be your best choice if you have good visual content to spare for advertising. If you have the budget to spare for producing this sort of content, this network will also be fine. Facebook might be better for your company if your content is more diverse or contains more written content.

Instagram And Facebook Ads: Goals & Targets

A thread has been running through this guide where almost every part of determining where to run your ads is tied to being conscious of your end goals. If you don't have clear targets in mind for your online advertising campaign, then before you go on, you need to pause and think. Otherwise, you could risk wasting your business’ capital. Our advice here is to be clear from the start about what you want and need to achieve through running Instagram and Facebook ads.

Without clear targets in place, you will not be able to establish indicators, campaign progress, or figure out your ideal target. By letting you pick your target from the get-go, Facebook Ads Manager makes it easy to choose goals. This manager allows you to take care of both Instagram and Facebook ads all in one place, but setting up and campaign for Instagram on Instagram severely limits the options that are available.

Typically, those who choose to advertise on Instagram through Instagram do not have a goal preference for running online ads for their business. However, those who have a vast list of targets that they wish to meet usually side with running ads through Facebook, whether it is for Facebook or not.

Equally, on Instagram, goals such as brand recognition combined with eye-grabbing content will work well. Whereas, on Facebook, an objective such as page clicks combined with a favorable news or review post would perform better.

Objectives such as brand awareness paired with eye-grabbing content would perform well on Instagram. Whereas, an objective like website clicks paired with a favorable news or review article would perform better on Facebook. So, it’s up to you to decide on the objective for running an ads campaign.

For a more detailed look at advertising on both platforms, we recommend learning what is needed in depth to create and run successful Instagram and Facebook ads. For further information on how to foolproof your business ads via the Facebook Ads Manager, click the link provided. Are you looking to hire a Facebook ads service to take care of your business’ online marketing strategy? If you’re actively seeking support, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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