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As a Facebook Agency, we can appreciate that utilizing flash sales with Facebook Ads it is a fantastic thing to have in your arsenal when you need to generate a ton of revenue very quickly from your online campaigns.

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Facebook Agency

In today’s article, we are going to show you how to generate tons of quick sales with Facebook Ads. In all honesty, this technique isn’t something that we notice Facebook advertisers using often, but we’re not sure why. As a Facebook Agency, we can appreciate that it is a fantastic thing to have in your arsenal when you need to generate a ton of revenue very quickly from your online campaigns.

Making Sales: Facebook Ads -

As a FB Ad Agency, we have come to learn that there are two components to get people to take action on your Facebook Ads. These components are; incentive and urgency. Simply put, you will need to incentivize people to take action on your Facebook ad as they scroll past your placement. You will also need to capture their attention with an eye-catching ad creative and intriguing ad copy that provokes the viewer to take action with a sense of urgency.

If you incentivize action with a great offer, but users can access that at any time, a lot of viewers will put taking action off. So, the offer shown needs to be limited to turn those warm leads into sales conversions. So, how do you incentivize viewers of your Facebook Ads to take action? The best way is very simple. It’s not new and it has been done many times. The process is called a ‘Flash Sale’.

Using A Flash Sale: Facebook Ads -

You can tie the concept of a flash sale into a specific shopping event such as ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’. Many businesses also take part in seasonal sales around holidays such as Valentine’s Day. However, there is no reason why you should have to limit yourself to national holidays to run a flash sale for your online business. You can run a flash sale whenever you want or need to. For instance, you could come up with something a little more specific to your industry. As a Facebook Agency, we have personally, seen tons of implement and reap success from doing this.

One example was where a company selling soap claimed “It’s national soap day on Thursday.” However, it’s all lighthearted. There probably is no national soap day, it’s just something they made up as a reason to run a flash sale, and what's more, it worked for them.

However, as a FB Ad Agency , we know it’s still true that advertisers undervalue flash sales. It should however be noted that even though running flash sales can be extremely effective, you will not be able to implement this too often, as customers would become skeptical in relation to the quality of your merchandise. If you’re eager to run rather frequent flash sales, we would suggest running promotions every six weeks or every two or three months depending on your industry.

Running Flash Sales: Facebook Ads -

Using Facebook Ads to promote your flash sale usually works very well. As a Facebook Agency, we know this to be true. This is due to the fact that you can get your offer in front of a lot of people very quickly. These folks will likely have a very good conversion rate if it’s a product or service that you know they’re interested in but have a small window to use a discount. So, now we’re going to share how this works:

FB Ad Agency: Campaign Level -

The first thing we do is go to the Business Manager and click on the green ‘Create. Button. Then, here is where you should name your campaign and the campaign objective needs to be ‘Conversions’. Flash sales are usually designed to generate leads or sales on a website. Either way, you’ll want to use the ‘Conversions’ objective.

You could also use the ‘Messages’ objective or create a ‘Lead Generation campaign’ if that’s how you’d rather construct your sales funnel. We’d personally recommend turning on ‘Campaign Budget Optimization'. Don’t be too conservative when setting your flash sale budget. This is one of those places where you want to be a bit bolder. Especially if you know you have a solid offer. You will only run this ad for around 3 days to 5 days at most. So, you’ll want to push your budget on this type of sale. Let’s say that your monthly budget for Facebook Ads is $1,000. You may want to take half that budget and run it on just these 3 to 5 days.

FB Ad Agency: Ad Set Level -

Next, you’ll move onto the ad set level. For this example, we’re going to focus on the things that are different from other types of campaigns that you might create over on Facebook. The first thing we need to talk about at this level is who you want to target with your ads for the flash sale. With a flash sale, you’ll usually see much better results when you target warm audiences. If you aren’t aware, warm audiences are;

  • People that have bought from your business previously.
  • People on your email list whether they have bought or not.
  • People who have previous exposure to you or your brand (such as visiting your website).

Those are our first go-to warm audiences when it comes to running a flash sale for our clients. These people might have hesitated at full price, but might be ready to take action if they can get your product or service at a discount. Now you can also run this offer to cold audiences, but that’s usually not going to be as effective. If you don’t have large custom audiences yet, then you can start by targeting both warm and cold audiences. Make sure these are in separate ad sets within the same flash sale campaign. If you have campaign budget optimization turned on, Facebook will optimize toward what is going to work best for your campaign.

FB Ad Agency: Ad Level -

When you are creating an ad for a flash sale, the offer should be strong enough to sell itself, so you’ll want to make sure that people can see what the offer is at a glance. In our primary text we might use something like “Biggest Sale Ever”. Then something like “Up to 60% Off – Three Day Flash Sale” in the headline. If you have a strong offer, these copy examples will typically work very well with warm audiences. When they see your ad pop up, they’re likely to recognize the brand name of your business and your Facebook icon. So, fairly generic discount ads are likely to resonate with them.

Note - If you’re advertising a flash sale to cold audiences, then you’ll want to provide a bit more information about your products and services.

Then, pop in the URL of the page you’d like users to be taken to and choose an image that’s very representative of the offer. You could use a single image or a carousel if you’d prefer. This is an incredibly simple ad to create and publish, and it can work very well for your online business.

Remember with a flash sale there are two things you’ll need to get right. There’s the incentive and there is urgency. That’s what you want to come back to again and again. As a FB Ad Agency, we’ve seen our fair share of flash sale campaigns. Based on our knowledge, we wouldn’t usually recommend video ads (other than simple slideshow style videos) as they don’t usually work well with the flash sale approach. Another thing you can do with a flash sale is run different creative every day. This helps to keep the audience engaged and stops ad fatigue setting in.

Website Landing Page -

With a flash sale it’s important to have your landing page messaging match your ad. As a Facebook agency, we see a mismatch of Facebook Ad and landing page messaging all too often. We’d suggest inserting a banner or something similar at the top of your landing page that reiterates the offer users will have seen over on Facebook. Also, the insertion of timers can be a great way to get users to make a speedy purchase too!

The Bottom Line: Facebook Ads -

Flash sales are a great tool to have in your Facebook advertising armory, as they can help you to generate lots of sales for your online business very quickly. However, you shouldn’t overuse them. As we mentioned earlier in this article, we would suggest running one flash sale every 6 weeks to 3 months or so in order to boost your overall revenue, depending on the industry your business is in. If you’re actively seeking a professional Facebook Agency to assist your business, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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