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Rework is a Facebook ad expert working cog machine and we know that many advertisers have had to deal with Facebook turning their proposed ads down. Therefore. we have created an article in order for your business to avoid getting its advertising content rejected:

Facebook Ad Expert

Facebook Ad Expert

Rework is a Facebook Ad expert working cog machine so, as you’d expect our agency has seen it all. We know that many advertisers have had to deal with Facebook turning their proposed ads down and the funny thing is, this happens on a fairly regular basis. So, you should know that rejected ads are not something of a rarity on Facebook, as the platform have a super strict review process that prevents certain ad types and elements from reaching its users.

With some ads, it may be more obvious as to why they have been rejected, if they clearly do not meet Facebook’s advertising policies, but there are some rules that you may not consider to go against any guidelines, but in Facebook’s opinion, they do. So, in order to prevent proposed ads being rejected, we have created an article to shed further insight into the subject:

Approved Facebook Ads -

Unless you are in an industry that Facebook bans such as the use of illegal products and/ or services, you should be able to get your Facebook ads approved on a regular basis on the platform. In most cases, all it takes to sail through the review process is knowledge of Facebook’s advertising policies, as well as using some common sense. However, as we mentioned above, we know there to be some policies which you wouldn’t consider to be “breaking the rules”. So, we’d suggest that you brush up with the platform's policies and get familiar with their does and don’ts when it comes to advertising.

Facebook Advertising Policies -

Now if you’re reading this article, our best guess is that you’re brushing up on your knowledge in the hope of becoming a Facebook Ad expert and we’re going to help you become one. Before we delve into any other tips or tricks, the first thing that you will need to do is go to the ‘Facebook Advertising Policies’ web page and read through every piece of information that corresponds with your business type and the industry which it resides in. Much of what you will read here is common sense and should be thing that you already know. However, just like any other platform out there, Facebook has its own set of unique quirks and rules. The bottom line is that when you know the rules, you will have the power to craft ads that will get approved with ease by the platform on a regular basis.

Facebook Ad Review Process -

The most important thing to remember here is that your ads are not being reviewed by a person, they will be reviewed by no one other than Facebook’s algorithm. See, Facebook runs millions of ads every month and there is no way that it would be physically possible for humans to review every single submission. Instead, the first review is almost always carried out by Facebook’s algorithm. Many advertisers on Facebook do not know this, so you’re already on your way to becoming a Facebook Ad specialist, but the thing is, if your ad has been rejected by the algorithm, this means that there is either something in your ad or landing page which the algorithm does not like which has triggered the algorithm to disapprove your ad proposal.

If you think that this may be a mistake and your ad truly does comply with to the Facebook advertising policies, then you can resubmit your ad for human review. In most cases when this happens, we know that many ads doe get approved from human review without any changes required. Then your ad will be well on its way and can start running as a campaign. However, if your ad does not comply with Facebook’s policies and you resubmit this material for human evaluation, then unfortunately your ad will be denied again, but by a human this time. Naturally, if you were to do this on a regular basis by promoting something that Facebook prohibits, then your Facebook advertising account could be shut down. So, that’s why it so important to understand Facebook’s advertising policies, while creating content that falls within these guidelines.

Facebook’s Prohibited Content -

As a Facebook Ad specialist agency, we know that there are many types of content that the platform will prohibit for use within ads and many things you might expect, for example:

  • Illegal Products
  • Tobacco
  • Drugs
  • Unsafe Supplements
  • Weapons
  • Adult Products & Services
  • Human Body Parts

We can safely say that the prohibited items on this list are very obvious, excluding the last point but not because it shouldn’t be on the list. Facebook clearly feels that this point does need to be mentioned within their advertising policies and it is outrageous to think that someone would have such things in their possession, let alone trying to sell them and on the likes of Facebook as another point. The whole mentality of this is simply absurd but none the less, we’re grateful to Facebook for keeping everyone safe, so let move on and get back to the article at hand.

In some instances, Facebook’s rules can be surprising. One of the things that often catches people off guard is Facebook’s ‘Personal Attributes Rule’. This rule sounds complicated, but all it means is that you cannot specify something about the audience that you are advertising to too them if that makes sense? Facebook’s reason for this is that it can come across as creepy. For example, you can’t write “Are you a man over age 65?” in your ad, but you could write “XYZ product is specifically designed for men over age 65.” The latter isn’t breaking any rules.

If you want to become a Facebook Ad expert, you’ll make it your mission to understand that the smallest differences can affect the outcomes of your Facebook ads. The bottom line with this rule is that you cannot ask or call out a personal attribute like age, gender, race, or medical condition in a Facebook ad. As a guideline, if you were to avoid starting a sentence with “Are you?” your ads are much more likely to be approved. As we are a Facebook Ad specialist team, we know that there are many more factors within this section that can cause ads to be disapproved by Facebook’s algorithm. For example, things like misleading or false content, and controversial content are at the top of the list, but we encourage you to go through the entire ad policy so that you know all of the ins and outs yourself.

Landing Pages -

Did you know that Facebook doesn’t just look at your ad content, they also look very closely at your landing pages, because if you're trying to link your ads to a web page which goes against Facebook’s advertising guidelines, your ad will still be rejected? Your landing page should also be working fully and have no exit pop ups. We understand that exit pop ups can be very effective at converting people to your offer, but Facebook doesn’t like them so you should keep them off of the landing pages that you like to within your proposed Facebook ads.

Grammar, Profanity & Disruptive Ads -

It should come as no surprise that Facebook does not tolerate the use of profanity in the ads displayed within its network. This also profanity which is masked by symbols. Excessive punctuation is another characteristic which Facebook’s algorithm does not like to see within an advertisement, especially if there are three or more of any punctuation types in a row. In other words, we wouldn’t recommend using three exclamation marks or question marks at the end of a sentence.

Another thing that Facebook really doesn’t like are video ads that are disruptive. This includes people waiving their hands and other “look at me” types of ads. This rule is one of the reasons why we often see ads rejected. If you want to avoid this happening to your business ads, keep your punctuation and grammar within the guidelines and remember the rules we’ve mentioned here. If you do this, you shouldn’t find that there are any issues in the approval of your proposed ad.

Payday Loans, Multilevel Marketing & Penny Auctions -

There are many industries that are simply not approved for advertisement on Facebook, some of which include:

  • Payday Loans
  • Multilevel Marketing
  • Penny Auctions

If any of these businesses are in your interest to advertise on Facebook, let us save you some time by letting you know right here and now that it is nearly impossible to get ads approved on Facebook in these industries, so it’s better to focus your attention on something else. However, it should be noted that you will often have ads approved which are based upon multi-level marketing products, but not business opportunities. In addition to prohibited content, Facebook has a lot of categories that fall into restricted content. If you are in one of these categories you will want to carefully read the rules and make sure you are following them exactly. These are areas you can potentially run ads for, but you need to know the rules and follow them and sometimes need to get special approval from Facebook.

Restricted Content Areas Include:

  • Alcohol
  • Dating
  • Real Money Gambling
  • State Lotteries
  • Over-The-Counter Drugs
  • Subscription Services
  • Financial and Insurance Products & Services
  • Branded Content
  • Ads About Social Issues, Elections & Politics
  • Disclaimers for Ads About Social Issues, Elections & Politics
  • Cryptocurrency Products & Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  • Cosmetic Procedures & Weight Loss

If you want your Facebook ads to be approved while keeping your business account in good standing, then it’s important to follow the platform’s advertising policies mentioned throughout this article, as we are a Facebook Ad expert agency after all. However, if you’re confident that the ads which have been submitted do not go against the platform’s guidelines, then it might be a good idea to submit the content for a manual review, just in case Facebook’s algorithm has made a mistake. If you’re actively looking to hire Facebook Ad expert associates to assist your business, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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