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Here at Rework, we often receive questions about the difference between Facebook Pages and Groups as well as when you should use them. As we are one of the trusted Facebook ad agencies whom users refer to for information, we have dedicated an article to this subject just for you:

Facebook Ad Agencies

Facebook Ad Agencies

One of the things that can get really confusing for businesses is that Facebook offers the option to create a page or group. At first glance, they seem pretty similar on the surface, but they do have different functions, which will enable your business to perform differently within the platform. Here at Rework, we often receive questions about the difference between the two and when you should them, as we are one of the trusted Facebook ad agencies whom users refer to for information in this field. So, within this guide we are going to be show you what the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group.

We will also cover the;

  • Technical differences between a Facebook Page and Group.
  • How they function.
  • Which is the better option for your business.

Facebook Page -

As one of the top Facebook ad agencies, the way which we think about the Facebook Page here at Rework is almost like a ‘mini-website’ right there on Facebook. That makes a Facebook page a fantastic place for your prospects to be able to find information about your business. Additional information about your brand can be included within the 'about’ section on the left-hand side of your page. You can also post updates, news amongst other announcements on your newsfeed for viewers to see.

As we are writing this COVID-19 is still very much in full swing, so what we have seen from businesses is the utilization of the Facebook Page to post news updates about their hours of operation, what safety precautions the business has in place for its customers and whether they are offering delivery and so on. As one of the top Facebook Ad Agencies, our experience and expertise has taught us that a Facebook Page is a great place for prospects and customers to reach out and get in touch with your business.

As a business you will find that many people will discover your brand and reach out to connect with your company on its corresponding Facebook Page. In fact, a lot of people prefer to use Facebook messenger over a traditional contact form in 2021.

Who’s A Facebook Page For? -

If you are going to do any marketing at all on Facebook, which we’re guessing you are for business, you should consider setting up a Facebook Page for your company as they are quick and easy to create and do not require a ton of maintenance as a bonus. However, there is one thing to note where Facebook Pages are concerned, as there have been several changes and adaptions to their context and purpose over the past 5 or 6 years.

If this article had been written and published only a couple of years ago, we would have recommended posting on your page on a regular basis. This is due to the organic (free) reach which can be achieved through the likes of a Facebook Page. However, that kind of reach just doesn’t happen anymore so with Facebook, our own tactics have changed. Remember that if you’re looking to hire Facebook marketing experts, our team is here to help.

In light of the reduced organic reach, a Facebook Page is no longer a good place to pull new customers, or generate leads from. It’s very, very difficult to now reach new people through a Facebook Page. However, it should be said that this is of course possible by running Facebook ads, just not solely through the use of a Facebook Page itself.

In the know Facebook Ad Agencies such as us will understand that for most small businesses, running Facebook ads is an excellent way to acquire new leads and customers for your business whilst using the platform. For a small business, we would suggest that at this current moment in time, posting once a week or once every two weeks is probably more than enough for most businesses to maintain their audiences on Facebook Pages while keeping their customers informed.

It can be a very effective methodology if executed sufficiently. Generally speaking, though, you will want to update your page enough to give the impression that your business is engaged with its customers. If you’re wondering about the kind of content, you should be posting, the below list should provide you with an outline of what Facebook users will expect to see on your page:

  • Contact Information.
  • Images & Videos.
  • News & Updates.

Facebook Groups -

When it comes to Facebook Groups, there are lots of tips and tricks to learn to reap the benefits of Facebook advertising. One of the things that you may commonly notice is that Facebook Groups often have far less members than a Facebook Page will have likes. However, even though Facebook Groups often have significantly smaller numbers, they offer much more value to a business as opposed to a Facebook Page.

This is largely due to the fact that Facebook Groups can still acquire a lot of organic reach with its posts as opposed to a Facebook Page. Generally speaking, a small business can make hundreds of thousands of pounds a year if a Facebook Group is used correctly as a business tool. So, it’s important to understand that Facebook Groups are extremely different from Facebook Pages, because instead of acting like a mini websites like Facebook Pages do, Facebook Groups act more like a forum or online community.

As one of the well-informed Facebook Ad Agencies out there, we know that Facebook Groups are all about engagement and it's not just about engagement with the business but engagement between the members in the group as well. People will post questions they have and others will help them out. Overtime, this creates a real community and a fantastic resource for people to engage with. The best thing is that you can virtually create a group in any industry, about any hobby, or interest that you have.

Who Should Own A Facebook Group? -

If Facebook is going to be a large proportion of where your marketing efforts are focused and if you have a lot of content that people will be able to consume on Facebook then that’s criteria one fulfilled. The second criteria are to ask yourself if your products and/ or services lend themselves to a sense of community?

In our experience of Facebook Groups, we have found that it is very beneficial for people to be able to ask and answer questions about Facebook ads, so the community is already built in. If you think that your business meets both of these criteria you should consider starting a Facebook Group. It should be said that a Facebook Group is something which you will really need to commit to. It will be so worth it, but you will need to understand the time and resources required before you attempt to execute this marketing tool. If you’re actively looking to hire Facebook marketing expert associates to assist your business, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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