Do Instagram Ads Work?

Instagram ads are one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal as business owners. Here at Rework, not only do Instagram ads work, we know how and why they work for each individual business:

Do Instagram Ads Work?

Do Instagram Ads Work?

Instagram ads are one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal as business owners. Here at Rework, we’ve taken the time to understand how Instagram ads work, inside and out. So, not only do Instagram ads work, we know how and why they work for each individual business. Before we delve into the seven pointers, we have learned about running successful Instagram ads over the years, we would like to point out that Instagram was previously purchased by Facebook, so now Facebook is the platform which controls Instagram advertising. Advertising on Instagram can be achieved through using the Facebook Ads Manager, which is the tool our team use to run ads.

N0.1: Instagram's Sweet Spot -

Based upon our experience and expertise of curating successful Instagram ads, we have learnt that Instagram has what we like to call ‘a sweet spot’. What do we mean? Well, let’s say that you are spending $20.00 per-day on Instagram ads as an example and the cost per-conversion are $1.89. Logically based upon this data, you could assume that if you were to increase your daily spend to $100.00 the cost per-conversion should stay at $1.89 or at least, stay close to that ball park. However, this has not yet been the case during our findings of implementing Instagram ads for our own business.

See, we have found that increasing the daily spend also increases the cost per-result. At times, increasing the daily spend has been known to increase the cost per-result by three times as much. So, how can you overcome this? The answer is simple – create more ads. Contrary to common belief, you should turn your attention to creating more Instagram ads as opposed to increasing your daily spend. This is the approach that seems to work wonders for us, when we encounter this issue.

N0.2: Lookalike & Custom Audience -

Facebook and Instagram are constantly under pressure to produce earnings. Naturally, they will not be able to keep up with the necessary earnings and demands unless advertisers are spending money on either platform. Of course, advertisers will not spend money on Facebook or Instagram unless this online marketing strategy actually works for businesses.

In other words, the more success Instagram and Facebook ads produce for businesses, the more businesses will spend over on these two platforms. It’s a continuous cycle but one that benefits all. See, Facebook have taken everything they know about Facebook ads and have applied this to the process of running Instagram ads through the Facebook Ads Manager. If you’re thinking ‘Do Instagram ads work?’, the answer is yes. Simply put, Facebook and Instagram will want your ads to be successful, otherwise this would not help their own cause. Both platforms have an adapted algorithm that is extremely good at locating ideal customers, for your business so long as long as you provide the parameters.

The algorithm on these platforms is divided into ‘custom audiences’ and ‘lookalike audiences. This division offers a simple and automated way to put your best Instagram ads in front of an audience that you know will create a positive outcome for your online marketing strategy and your goals.

N0.3: Direct Response Advertisers -

When ‘Instagram Sponsored Ads’ appeared back in 2014, it was for brand awareness. Now, what we can see are the direct response advertisers achieving big results. To put it simply, Instagram is a direct response advertiser’s dream. You can now create highly visual static ads as well as video ads which drive traffic to your landing pages. In our opinion, these are the best Instagram ads to run. Plus, it is extremely easy to communicate your message which is what direct response marketers need for a positive strategy outcome.

N0.4: Instagram Target Audience -

Instagram currently has just over one billion active users on its database, so if you’re looking to narrow down your target audience to a type of individual, the target audience you are looking for will be active on this platform. This will ensure that not only will you be able to answer ‘Yes!’ to ‘Do Instagram ads work?’ but you will be running the best Instagram ads possible for your business. The most important thing to know about online ads in general is that money is made in the audience. The most common mistake that business owners make is that not enough time is spent into researching an audience target.

N0.5: Video Ads -

A little unknown fact about Instagram ads is that you can run 60 second sponsored video ads. You are not limited to the 15-second video post, which actually creates better engagement between the ad displays and their viewers. This is ultimately due to the fact that with a video ad, you will be able to use words, images and music to deliver your message, which is much more entertaining and useful for your future customers. Instagram has also increased the amount of time you can run a video as long as you are running an ad. This is a nice little benefit for businesses to take advantage of, as 60-second Instagram ads will give you a great chance to deliver your message to your ideal audience.

N0.6: Don’t Quit -

Like everything that is worth doing, being able to create the best Instagram ads will take money and endurance to achieve. Unfortunately, if you can’t pay, you can’t play the game. However, if you do have a budget, be prepared to make mistakes that will cost money. Start of small and keep moving forward. As long as you have a good product that produces value, you will attract buyers and produce sales for your online business. If you’re actively seeking professional assistance to create the best Instagram ads for your business, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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