Current Website Design Trends

After digging into the current website design trends for 2021, we have compiled a list that we will be taking note of for the next months to come. To make a website that truly stands out this year, get inspired, and muse on the following frequently used website trends:

Current Website Design Trends

Current Website Design Trends

The design of a website has one chance to capsulate the attention of its viewers with a strong first impression, and in order to catch that attention, the web is filled with stimulating content, which uses current website design trends. Your website needs to stand out to impress its viewers, but most importantly, your website needs to keep your viewers interested so that they can consume your content with ease.

When it comes to web design, you'll want to follow the known golden rules, regardless of your industry. The rules are; to make your website easy to use, to make your website aesthetically pleasing and to be sure that your website includes all the relevant details required to tell your story and don't forget that your method of website design should be inspiring to for digital users too.

By looking at the influential world of web design around us, what better way is there to draw inspiration to your website’s users than through effective web design? So, it is for exactly that reason that we keep our eye on web design trends year after year here at ReWork.

After digging into the current website design trends in 2021, we have compiled a list of trends that we will be taking note of for the next months to come. With intuitive tools and revolutionary innovations, the pinnacle of liberation is a year for originality, creative solutions, aesthetic extremes, and sensitive design. To make a website that truly stands out in 2021, look around, get inspired, and muse on the following web design trends:

N0.1: Asymmetric Layouts

The architecture of your website will form the basis for organizing visual elements. The obvious default is symmetry. Why? Well, symmetry thrives on order and stability, so a symmetric design almost guarantees that your website will make sense. That being said, the world of design was never one in which to shy away from asymmetry.

It should be known that a different set of advantages are provided by asymmetric layouts. The outcomes are more complex and adventurous, yet they give further design flexibility for any given website. It is however a common misconception that asymmetry is associated with a lack of balance, so don't be misled by the known characteristics of an asymmetrical website layout. Each website, regardless of symmetry, may provide a visual balance.

By imagining the weight of each object on your website, visual balance can be achieved with an asymmetrical design, but before you can arrange the composition, take the color, size and movement of your elements into consideration. You can always use a website template that uses an asymmetrical style if you need help mastering this web design pattern on your site, or you can hire a professional team to design a website for you, like us here at ReWork.

N0.2: Minimalist & Maximalist Extremes

In 2021, we can see that current website design trends will be full of extremes. Both minimalism and maximalism will be featured here. Previously, both of these characteristics have had their time in the sun, but it looks as though they are going to share the stage this year, which will be something a little different for digital users to experience.

Simplicity is how minimalist web design tends to thrive. Excess elements of web design are taken away and removed from the user’s experience when surfing a website. As we like to say, less-is-more, as minimalism is an approach that can gives viewers a super clear impression of your brand and its identity. If such concepts are correctly applied to the design of your website, they will reap attractive results backed by a simple user interface.

On the other hand, maximalist website design is a whole other story. Maximalist designs incorporate a no-holds-barred approach that emphasizes creative speech over order. However, our preference will always be in the simpler aesthetics where trends in website design are concerned.

N0.3: Videos Elements

The latest trends in website design show that videos are almost ubiquitous. If you have promotional testimonials or interviews to add to your website, try communicating significant data with an energetic flare, as they are a great way to engage your audience. In recent years, videos have taken on a new role in web design. Video content is currently shifting away from being purely informative and becoming more of a design element in its own right.

How? Well, videos can be incorporated in new and exciting ways into the design of your website thanks to the ceaseless development of new technologies. Certain tools will allow you to add layers and choose how to play your videos, for example; auto play, loop and slow motion.

N0.4: Vector Art

A good way to embellish your site using the current website design trends in 2021 is by adding unique graphics to your website. This however should not require the sacrifice of a domain’s quality and loading time. However, this challenge can sometimes feel rather up hill in reality. That is why hiring a team of professionals to take care of the nitty gritty details for you is often the best option. This way, you are left with a website that you know to be smooth, speedy and efficient.

An SVG file format allows users to scale the visuals according to their needs, whilst maintaining the quality of the original graphics. The availability of thousands of vector art files leads us to predict that trends in website design will see the increasing presence of these incredibly fun illustrations in 2021.

N0.5: Shapes & Abstract Designs

The current website design trends set out for 2021 indicate that abstract patterns and arbitrary shapes will have a powerful presence. You might think that shapes are too simple to be treated in their own right as a design feature, but believe it or not, basic forms may serve as small visual accessories. In order to add a splash of color, build balance, frame content, or make your text stand out, simple shapes can be pinned to your screen or used as a backdrop on web page layouts.

On a related note, you will improve your distinctive brand identity by conceiving your own abstract composition and adding it to your website. Integrate the colors and visual style of your brand while putting together shapes and geometric designs to create up-to-date brand representations. Do this and your company website will be in keeping with the latest trends in website design.

N0.6: Animation

In recent years, animation has become one of the common trends in website design, and it is here to stay. That's a good thing, since web design animation opportunities keep getting bigger and better for website users. See, animation transforms the user’s view into so much more than mere data scrolling. These effects will work on your website to capture a visitor's eye and create a striking impact, from an animated line or text to a full-fledged animated backdrop.

While your purpose may be solely artistic, you should be sure to keep in mind that animation can inspire users to take certain actions when scrolling through your website. So, you can through web design, draw the attention of your website’s users to precisely to where you want it to be.

One example of how you can draw the attention of your website’s users is by using trigger animation. Trigger animation is when an element's appearance can be altered by the behavior of a user. Information such as; its color, shape and speed can be tailored to individual users for maximum influence. As an example, if you were to add a trigger animation to a call-to-action button, the user may be swayed by their interest in the animation to carry out the stated call of action.

Check out how the trends in website design has altered since last year by reading our previous article ‘The top 5 web design trends in 2020’. Are you looking to hire professional assistance to incorporate current website design trends on your company website? If you’re actively seeking support, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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