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Whether you’re looking to join the digital world or improve the website you already have, the first thing that you need to know is that web design will be at the heart of your sought-after success. Check out our compiled list containing our top five business web design essentials that company sites will benefit from:

Business Web Design

Business Web Design

You’ve probably figured this much out already hense why you’re here reading this article, but having a website for your business is absolutely critical the success of the company. Why? Online sales of course! See, it really doesn’t matter what the concept of your business is, who your customers are, where your customers come from or even what industry your business operates in. Simply put, if you don’t have (or plan on having) a functioning website with smart business web design, you will be setting your company up for failure.

So, why is being able to be found online so important for company sales? Well, it’s estimated that 93% of all business purchases now start with someone using an online search engine. So, if a company is nowhere to be seen online, it almost gives the business a stuck in the past (and even untrustworthy) name tag, not to mention the whole come and find me thing to go against user-friendly information. Consumers need to be able to access what they need with ease so, if your company is not present online, you’re only preventing yourself from growing a loyal online consumer base and the generation of a surplus of sales.

So naturally, if you want to capture some of those potential sales and drive more customers to your business, then you need to work the online angle if you’re not already. On the other hand, if you’ve already got a website, you’ll need to do everything in your power to ensure that the site is fit for the company’s purpose. So, whether you’re looking to join the digital world or improve the website you already have, the first thing that you need to know is that web design will at the heart of your sought-after success.

We’d recommend nothing more than investing your time and $ into a site which displays a; modern, intuitive, fully functional/ responsive crisp display, which allows users to navigate and locate their goals with ease whilst visiting your site. To understand the goals of your customers/ clients, this will require the understanding and ability to act upon market research in order to provide the best possible user experience for digital users. In Layman’s terms, being able to utilize market research will enable you to capitalize on every single opportunity to convert leads into genuine sales.

This may sound like a daunting to-do list if you have no idea where to begin, but creating a fantastic company website is actually a lot easier than you might realize and there is of course the option of seeking a team of professionals through a web design company (like us here at ReWork) to take care of your site’s construction/ re-design for you. Then it’s over to you! It all starts with taking stock and figuring out which business web design essentials your site may be missing. So, to get the you started we’ve compiled a list which contains five characteristics which your website absolutely must have:

Business Web Design Essential

Tip N0.1: Call To Action -

One of the biggest mistakes many companies make when launching a new website is forgetting to implement a strong call to action. A call to action (CTA) is marketing talk. It’s used to define a piece of content that has been designed and placed exclusively to get a user to perform a certain act. This may include; signing up for a newsletter, choosing to download a brochure/ order form, making a purchase or anything in between. The list could go on, but because CTAs are so vital in the process of capturing leads and securing sales, they should be included throughout your business site. Makes sense, right? For those of who want to carry out a handful of web design adjustments yourself to an existing website, you’ll have a moderate to high understanding of how your website functions. Check out your website’s plugins first. If you’ve got an e-commerce plugin on your website, you should have CTAs on all product pages. Similarly, you should have call to actions on all web-pages which describe your company’s services.

As you might imagine, the placement of your site’s call to actions should be well thought about in advance and not just placed anywhere on your site. Otherwise, your site could be classed as a domain who has all the gear and no idea. Know what we mean? CTAs should be placed in prominent areas of your site that users will be able to find quickly. Ordinarily, companies will place at least one CTA at the top of the homepage, at the bottom of a blog post and at the top of a product page. That being said, the frequency is totally up to you. Put it this way, if you’d like a lot of text or imagery on your homepage, it could be worth including a call to action at the top and the bottom of your page.

A good CTA also needs to be identifiable against all other text or graphic forms on a web-page. Users are more likely to click on a call to action if they take the form of a button or colored hyperlink with large text. The language used should reflect what your customer would be most likely to react to. This is the sort of information you should be able to conduct as part of your company’s market research before implementing certain changes on your business website. Finally, you’ll need to think long and hard about where your call to actions are going to lead your website’s visitors. It’s no big secret what web users are notoriously fickle when visiting a site, so you may very well have ONE opportunity to capture a lead and turn that individual into a customer/ client. That means you can’t afford to lose them by making them click back and forth between separate pages. So, if you’ve got a ‘buy-it-now' or ‘contact us’ page that your site needs people to engage with, link users directly to those locations on your site using prominent CTAs.

Business Web Design Essential

Tip N0.2: Contact Information -

Another mistake you won’t want to fall victim to is the absence of contact information on your business web design layout. A company website is typically the face of a successful business, but those who want to reach you need a means of how to do so, but don’t fret! This may be the era of rising technology, but as a specialized web design company, we understand that there are many people out there who are not in the business of channelling a web-savvy outlook, so that’s were our expert business web design tips come into play!

In this situation, you’ve got to open your mind and think about your customer’s UX (User Experience) whilst visiting your company's website. In other words, if you’d prefer it if customers/ clients reached you over the phone as opposed to email or digital enquiry form, that’s totally okay, but providing the means to carry out these forms of contact via a business website is essential, otherwise, how will interested parties know how to phone, write to, or visit your company's location if the applicable contact information is not easily accessible online?

Generally, most websites dedicate a web-page which is built specifically to house contact information. If this is the route that a website takes, the web-page's content should include all of the ways in which a person could possibly contact a business. This information must be reviewed and updated to ensure that the information on that web-page is 100% accurate, otherwise the site in hand could end up running the risk of losing out on major business just because their customers/ clients couldn’t reach out to them.

Lastly, a website’s contact page must be displayed prominently via a domain’s navigation bar or menu. Many business websites will go a step further by placing their company’s contact method of choice in the footer of each page on their site alongside the above method. This way, contact information is easily accessible and can be discovered on more than one location of the site, increasing the likelihood of site visitors stumbling across contact information with ease.

Business Web Design Essential

Tip N0.3: Responsive Web-Design -

In 2017 it was predicted that 52.64% of all global web traffic came from mobile devices and towards the end of 2018, this figure increased to a whopping 79%. In 2020, we can only assume that this number has naturally increased further, which is why websites with a responsive web-design are at the top of the game. Why? Well, search engines such as Google have recalibrated their search algorithm results, so that websites which cater to audiences on mobile devices (as well as desktop devices) are given the monopoly spot when hitting search from a mobile device or tablet. Search engine giants are well acquainted with how users are using their tools/ services and more specifically, what device they are using to reach specific domains. See, on the world wide web, usual activities are trackable and user activities leave traces, so smart business and company websites will use statistics to their advantage by ensuring that their site offers what users are looking for.

Simply put, in 2020 it would be wise to tune into the fact that mobile and tablet devices hold the cards. So, you should ensure that your own company website offers a seamless, intuitive and responsible web-design via mobiles and tablets as well as through desktop devices in order to meet the ways in which users are interacting with websites nowadays. However, if this is not employed correctly, your business website will unfortunately miss out on a lot of mobile traffic. To avoid this scenario, begin by checking that your website’s designs/ pages are fully responsive. A website of this nature should adjust to an individual’s screen automatically, ensuring that the same level of user experience is available for every single visitor, no matter what device your website is being accessed from. So, how do you create a responsive company website?

Well, if you yourself are a developer or are using a web developer to create a bespoke website design, look to Google support on how to code responsive web designs. But if you’re new to website design or perhaps the online world in general and are not quite sure how to achieve your company's goals, then you should create a business website using a web design company platform like ours here at ReWork! Our web-designs are fully responsive and ready to look great on any type of device screen, as our goal is to make the connection between your website and your clients both fast and seamless. Our web-designs are bespoke, as we will take the time to get to know you and your brand in order to build a robust digital presence. Thus, creating the ultimate digital experience that we know your clients will love. Take a look at the project page on our website for business web design inspiration.

Business Web Design Essential

Tip N0.4: Social Media Links -

In this day and age, you don’t have to be an internet whiz to understand that social media plays a huge role in the success of a company website and as a web design company ourselves, we know just how useful a tool social media really is. According to conducted research, 95% of adults aged 18-34 are likely to follow a company on a social networking site. This means that mainstream sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are pools of potential which may inevitably lead to sales. Plus, they’re a fantastic way to build a community around your business’ brand as a whole. After all, social media links provide individuals with a direct line to your company’s characteristics. You can converse within conversation from any device at any time of day. Naturally, this will help to build brand loyalty and will foster relationships that may well lead to positive user experiences and referrals.

So, with all of that being said, bear in mind how important social media is to your company’s success. Logically, why would you not want to advertise your social media presence on your own website? If you’re using social media to connect with customers or potential clients, or to share deals/ create trustworthy relationships, one of the CTAs via a company website should encourage users to follow your company on social media. This means that social media links should be included on any contact page via a company website, as well as other locations across a website such as its footer, header, or via blog posts if you so wish.

Business Web Design Essential

Tip N0.5: Website Map -

Navigation is key for User Experience (UX Design). Everybody likes to know where they’re going. There’s nothing worse than getting lost on a company website, especially when you know exactly what you’re looking for on the site, but you simply cannot find it. If you want to keep people on your website and give them what they’re looking for, you should create a website map for ease of use.

So, what is a website map? A website map is a web-page within a site that lists every other page within the realms of the site, but not only does a website map list other pages on a site, but it also links to them too! A web-age like this does not need to be fancy or overly complicated, alas, a good sitemap is just a simple list of web-page locations, which are usually displayed in a tree tier layout. Parent pages are commonly displayed first at the top of the tree and they are then followed by the sub-pages on the website and that’s pretty much it!

At the end of the day, your company website’s role will be instrumental to the success of a company in 2020. That’s why plenty of thought, care and attention needs to be given to the topic of web design. You owe it to your business to make your website the best it can possibly be. If you’re actively seeking a web design company to aid you with you visions, we’d love to hear from you so, drop us an email to get started!

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